Our Scope of Activities    :

Cutting Edging & Polishing Bevelling
Holes, Notches, Cutouts and Grooving
Designing & Sandblasting
Double Glazing Tempering


We use flat glass of worldly renowned glass manufacturers such as Clear Glass, Figured Glass, Colour and Reflective glass and
it covers under the international stantards of ASTM C 1036, JIS R 3203-1981ASTM C 1036-91.
We offer various types of edging as per according to the customer
requirement for Flat Glasses & Mirrors such as Pencil Edge, Double Pencil,
Flat & Seam Edge, Halfbull nose, Waterfall and Miter, Concave


e provide the bevells for glass and mirrors upto 40mm in height for all the
geometric shapes and straight of different angles pertaining to the thickness
of glass from 4mm to 19mm.
To avoid the sharp edges.
For smooth and excellent decor shape
For better elevations for frameless and as well as for aluminium and furniture fittings.


Pertaining to Drilling Holes, we drill the holes from 4mm Dia upto
customized in all glass thickness, notches can be done on the custom
fabrication submitted by the customer.
It is useful for hardware patch fittings and movement for office entrances,
storefronts, furniture fittings, showers and tub enclosers, interior glass
partitions etc.

It is an recognizable product of glasshouse. We provide customize service of
designing sandblasting & 3D for all the flat glasses & mirrors and can
engrave the glass from 1/2mm to 4mm deep of all the flat glasses from 4mm
upto 19mm.
     Application :
   . for excellent design and decoration look.
. for engraving logos etc.
    Glazing consist of two or more glass panes seperated by a spacer which is filled with desiccant and the whole unit being
    hermetically assembled by double barrier sealant.
  Characteristic :

. Saves on heating and cooling by reducing air to air heat transfer.
. Offers increased personal comfort and aids in energy conservation.
. Retards sound transmission.
. Increase strength to withstand wind loads.
Double & Triple glazing is applicable in offices, buildings,residential areas, partition,
laboratories, libraries, museums, high performance building.
Our Double & Triple Glazing Unit is certified under the following standards:
Germany : DIN 1286 USA : ASTM E774 level ABC
UK : BS 5713
Tempered Glass :

Tempered Glass after fully tempered is susceptible to breakage but occasionally in large shards/fractures rather than
in classic tiny piece and which are less likely to inflict injury
           Characteristic  :
. It is 4 to 5 time stronger than annealed glass of equal thickness
. Endurance from thermal shocks
. Breakage safety
. Suitable for Double and Triple Glazing.
Applicable for various types store fronts, heavy glass entrance
doors, frameless tub, shower enclosures, table tops, interior
partition, shelves, aquariums etc. etc.

      Our tempering standards covers under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)Z97